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June 15, 2015

Researchers continue to explore the benefits of 'superfruits' - a group of nutrient-rich fruits with powerful antioxidant properties, and which have potentially disease-fighting properties.

Montmorency cherries (Prunus cerasus) contains anthocyanins - plant pigments that have been linked to a variety of health benefits, and melatonin, which may help healthy sleep. In fact, these cherries (which account for the majority of cherries in the U.S) contain 13.5ng (nanograms) of melatonin, and studies show that plant sources can positively affect sites in the brain and other tissues, helping the vascular system and lessen inflamation. But how much do you have to have? Researchers from the marianna University School of Medicine in Japan speculate that eating just a handful of Montmorency cherries will increase melatonin levels in the blood.

Reference: Wang, 1999 - Journal of Natural Products